Untitled 2 [ссыльный]/[Exile] - Update w/ Patch Feb 20, 2018

Thanks to player feedback, I have pushed out a couple of updates to address common issues and criticisms related to controls and eligibility of text.

Small tweaks include increasing the size of in-game tooltips as well as increasing the movement speed of the player characters.

One of the most common issues cited by players had to do with confusion about the controls, especially the keyboard controls since the game was primarily designed for a controller-centric experience.

I have now implemented fully rebindable controls from the Main Menu.  In addition to being able to rebind all keys and buttons, you may also invert axis (X & Y) as well as set the second player's input to Controller, allowing for co-op play without requiring two controllers.

I also wanted to point out one specific request from a player: the implementation of a Single Player mode.  Single Player mode has always been in the game, and below is a guide on how to activate it:


Untitled 2 (Update Feb20) (x86_64).zip 25 MB
Feb 21, 2018
Untitled 2 (Update Feb20) (Mac OSX).zip 26 MB
Feb 21, 2018

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