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Depopulate a Siberian island filled with exiled criminals and intimidating wildlife.

Untitled 2 [ссыльный] (aka Untitled 2: Exile) is a 1-2 player local co-op twin-stick survival shooter.

Updated w/ Patch Feb 20, 2018:

- Added fully rebindable controls from the main menu.

- Increased size of in-game tooltips.

- Increased movement speed of players by 12.5%.

Two gameplay modes are available: Bounty Hunt (kill targets of interest across the island who have increased health and are surrounded by many exiles), and Survival (stay alive and warm/fed for as long as possible).

All programming and art by Ben Nguyen.  Audio from freesound.org.  3D assets by LMHPoly.


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Untitled 2 (Update Feb20) (x86_64).zip 25 MB
Untitled 2 (Update Feb20) (Mac OSX).zip 26 MB

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How do you unzip and play???


how do you use multiplayer?

I love it. It reminds me of a 2.5D pixel-graphic version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. With a story and more to explore, I would love to play this. 

I was mobbed by wolves right away the first few attempts. It's got good controls for keyboard and mouse (please keep this option) and it's easy to learn what to do.

I also tried it with my Logitech Gamepad F310 controller, and it worked perfectly. I am not a fan of controllers in general though, so I think I would prefer mouse and keyboard.

I can see it being fun with coop too...


Thanks a bunch for trying out the game.  I will definitely be beefing up the keyboard/mouse controls, including having the in-game input prompts reflect keyboard/mouse controls.

I'll be taking down the alpha build later this week (probably tomorrow or Friday), and be working on it when I go back to school.  Hopefully when I put it back up, it'll be a much more fleshed out and substantial build to playtest.

I look forward to it!