A downloadable bullet heaven for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Some example gameplay from Lumiette ver. 0.26a, click here to watch in 60 fps + HD

Welcome, Dreamer

Lumiette is a single player twin stick bullet hell-styled arcade shoot em' up (shmup) themed around achieving one's dreams through resolve.

The game uses twin-stick controls similar to Gunroar by ABA Games, but restricts aiming to a cone above the player as they shoot, fly, and dodge through vertically focused stages inspired by legendary developers like CAVE and Team Shanghai Alice.


Play the Alpha for Free

For Mac users: If you run into an issue about Security Preferences, hold down the Control key and click on the "Lumiette for macOS" app, then click on "Open".

For Linux users: If the game boots into a black screen, it might be fixed by adding this to the launch options:
"-screen-fullscreen 0"

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How to Play

Even though the on-screen input prompts use Xbox button icons in its current stage of development, Lumiette supports a number of different controllers.  It was designed to be played with a controller as the primary experience.

* Expends one level of experience per use

Pausing during gameplay by pressing the Start button on a controller or the Esc key on a keyboard will display reminders on how the controls work.  It is important to note that the reminders here will display the default controls shown above and not reflect any changes made to the controls in the Settings panel.

The Terminal located in the Player's Apartment gives access to the Tipster's Blog, which contains more advanced tips and tricks you can use to improve your survival and scoring potential.

Development Progress

The Harper fight from Stage Two, click here to watch in 60 fps + HD

Lumiette is currently in early stages of development, and plans are in place to implement four stages, an additional extra stage that needs to be unlocked, and a handful of cosmetics that can only be purchased with points earned in game.


  • Programming, in-game art, and design done by Ben Nguyen.
  • Character artwork used in promotional material drawn and painted by the talented Sara Lansdell.  Please shower her with praise and adoration.
  • Music composed by Caleb Potts and Punch Deck.
  • Various sound effects used from freesound.org, created by the following users: fins, qubodup, medetix, gameaudio, davidsraba, inspectorj, and fellur.

Awards and Recognition

  • Best In Show for Media Arts & Science at the 2018 IUPUI SOIC Fall Capstone Event.
  • Coverage about Lumiette's early stages of development from Loading Indie.

Technology and Resources Used

Unity 2018/C#
Visual Studio 2017
Marmoset Hexels
Adobe Illustrator (Student License)
Rewired by Guavaman Enterprises
BulletML for Unity by Pixelnest Studios
Aileron (License: Creative Commons)
GOGOIA (License: Creative Commons)
Nord-SudA (License: OFL/Open Font License)</iframe>


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Lumiette 0.26a - Windows.zip 113 MB
Lumiette 0.26a - macOS.zip 117 MB
Lumiette 0.26a - Linux.zip 131 MB

Development log


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It looks like a cool game. I got it work under Linux, only by opening the terminal and inputting the command './"Lumiette for Linux.x86_64" -screen-fullscreen 0' Unfortunately, I  couldnt get my Steam Controller be recognized :-/


Stunning game, probably one of the best bullet hells ive ever played. Runs perfectly on high settings on my mac.

I came here from jigoku-kisetsukan. I have not played it yet, but it looks amazing!

It looks really cool but I can't run it on linux, even after modifying the fullscreen settings as written.

Same here, would definitely like to play.

This game is beautiful. Great game. I found only one fail in it and is a fps downgrade in specific scenes (normally in scenes with hundred of particles) but in other aspects the game is great.

Finally got around to playing this game, and I quite enjoyed it! The atmosphere is spot on, especially with a perfect choice in music. Gameplay is smooth and easy to understand, and the subtleties in the opening screen sets a great tone. Keep it up :) 

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Enjoyed playing the game and loved the artwork but sometimes it would get really confusing to know where I was and what was happening. Good work :D


Very cool looking game, thinking of doing a stream of the demo soon, how long is the demo roughly? Thanks

I would say it would take around 10 minutes to beat if you don't die.  I do want to mention that the build currently on this site is outdated and an update will be coming out around July 20th.

ok thanks for your reply


i had beautiful experience, thank you!

You're very welcome.  There's going to be a big update as well coming sometime around July 20th.


I accidentally mapped [Enter] onto something else and now I can't interact with anything even when I re-install. 


If you're using Windows, resetting the game's PlayerPrefs should fix that.  To do that, open the registry editor (Win+R, then type in 'regedit' and press enter), go to this folder in your registry (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\biggestboss\Lumiette) and delete it:


Шикарная музыка, но есть мелкие не удобства, хотя это не критично. Так держать! :) 


Super cool! I played this at the Intel Expo at GDC and loved it. My only feedback from that would be that sometimes I would mistake the flashing pink lights in the background for bullets.


The dialogue text is broken for me:

Broken dialogue text

Also I think the game doesn't save the settings if you quit by leaving the game by pressin 'escape' while you're playing and then selecting escape to desktop, it only saved it for me when i quit in the 'pre-game' part.

The dialogue was replaced with placeholders because I was unhappy with the quality of my writing.  When the game is complete, there will be actual dialogue again.  :)

Also, could you tell me what platform you are playing on and which settings are not being saved?  Is it just some of them (difficulty, graphics, key bindings) or all of them?  Thanks in advance.


I love the soundtrack in this game! And the general style, the dreamy music combined with the colours and such, in a fast paced bull hell game


Hello. I tried playing Linux but I'm having a black screen right at the beginning

For Linux users: If the game boots into a black screen, it might be fixed by adding this to the launch options: 
"-screen-fullscreen 0"

Do you refer to that menu that usually appears in Unity applications? He did not show up. He went straight into the gameplay.

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This fixed it for me, thanks!! But how do I specify launch options so it runs it with '-screen-fullscreen 0' all the time? I ran it in the terminal using `./Lumiette\ for\ Linux.x86_64 -screen-fullscreen 0`.

I hope the game is fixed so this isn't needed

I don't know much about Linux, but I imagine there is probably a way to incorporate that line into a shortcut of some sort similar to how it's done in Windows.


Good gameplay and concept.
Confusing controls and interface. Why the hell am I, by default, using WASD?
Needs to recognize standard bullet hell arrow key movements and ZXCV controls.

Thanks for your feedback.

To answer your question, Lumiette is a twin stick shooter in addition to being a bullet hell and the default controls reflect that.  The keys can be rebound in the settings, and there is an input setting for regular vertical shooting in there as well - IIRC it is called Fire (Traditional Shmup).

In an upcoming build, I will try out a new default control scheme involving these traditional bullet hell keybinds + have them be reflected as in game tooltips during the tutorial.


Pretty good, but Controling main protagonist I would make on mouse.

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Soo I felt really bad and felt like a jerk so I downloaded the recent patch, re-recorded the gameplay, and I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw like before as well as the changes.

The difficulties that I played it on (Journalist and Normal) were just the right amount of challenging that I had hoped for. Thanks for making such a great game and I can't wait to see the future!

LOL Don't feel bad!


I couldn't help it haha. But I really do like the game still, that hasn't changed for sure. :D


I loved what I saw in the game and I do see great potential! The colours blend well and it’s very colourful indeed. But the only downside I see to all of this is that it blends too well and I get confused on what to avoid and what’s safe to collect.

And also the difficulty too because for the first level of a game, this seems pretty difficult. However I do recommend people who love a challenge to play this game for sure!

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Thanks for checking the game out.  It looks like you're playing an older version, which lacks the new difficulty options and other accessibility features introduced in a recent update.  In fact, the current version is actually quite different than what I currently have in development where I have messed around with different saturation in background colors, etc.

Still, thanks for checking the game out and I hope you pick it up again once the game is further in development with new updates.


That was my fault haha. I should have made sure that there was a new update because I think I had downloaded the older version a day or so before the new version was released.

I’ll make sure to play through it again and try it out again :D


i love it so much  

i enjoy it 


Tthis game is actually good bullet hell game. The only problem I found is I can't really tell the difference between the bullet and bonus item because they looks a bit same. Example the stars, I thought they are bonus item. And also I think the character and object a bit blending with the background in the first level.

The things I like from this game is the user interface and the font u guys choose for the UI. And also the music.


i really enjoy this type of game. i got 7 fps sometimes and i cant get through the first level

sadly my computer cant handle it :(


I just uploaded a new version (v0.25a) which allows you to lower the graphics settings and should greatly help with performance.  In any case, thanks for checking out the game!



thanks for the info :)


I'd seen the game and thought "I NEED THIS NOW!"


Hey Ben! Our writer took a look at your game and wrote an Article about it. Keep up the good work and we can't wait for the full version :)





I enjoyed this game! Too bad I couldn't get past the first level. I really like the music and menu design.       




Made a video


Wow. Seriously the foundation of this game is phenomenal and I cannot wait for more. This is the first bullet hell esque game that I have anticipated in a long time. I seriously cannot wait for more content.


Can't wait for the rest of it, man. Good job.

I love your game! it's beautiful and super fun! keep up the great work!