A downloadable bullet heaven for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Some example gameplay from Lumiette ver. 0.024a, click here to watch in 60 fps + HD

Welcome, Dreamer

Lumiette is a single player bullet hell-styled arcade shoot em' up (shmup) themed around achieving one's dreams through resolve.

The game uses twin-stick controls similar to Gunroar by ABA Games, but restricts aiming to a cone above the player as they shoot, fly, and dodge through vertically focused stages inspired by legendary developers like CAVE and Team Shanghai Alice.


Play the Alpha for Free

For Mac users: If you run into an issue about Security Preferences, hold down the Control key and click on the "Lumiette for macOS" app, then click on "Open".

For Linux users: If the game boots into a black screen, it might be fixed by adding this to the launch options:
"-screen-fullscreen 0"

Scan the QR code above or click here to subscribe to the Lumiette mailing list and keep yourself updated on development!

How to Play

Even though the on-screen input prompts use Xbox button icons in its current stage of development, Lumiette supports a number of different controllers.  It was designed to be played with a controller as the primary experience.

* Expends one level of experience per use

Pausing during gameplay by pressing the Start button on a controller or the Esc key on a keyboard will display reminders on how the controls work.

The Terminal located in the Player's Apartment gives access to the Tipster's Blog, which contains more advanced tips and tricks you can use to improve your survival and scoring potential.

Development Progress

Lumiette is currently in early stages of development, and plans are in place to implement four stages, an additional extra stage that needs to be unlocked, and a handful of cosmetics that can only be purchased with points earned in game.


  • Programming, in-game art, and design done by Ben Nguyen.
  • Character artwork used in promotional material drawn and painted by the talented Sara Lansdell.  Please shower her with praise and adoration.
  • Music composed by Caleb Potts and Punch Deck.
  • Various sound effects used from freesound.org, created by the following users: fins, qubodup, medetix, gameaudio, davidsraba, inspectorj, and fellur.

Awards and Recognition

Technology and Resources Used

Unity 2018/C#
Visual Studio 2017
Marmoset Hexels
Adobe Illustrator (Student License)
Rewired by Guavaman Enterprises
BulletML for Unity by Pixelnest Studios
Aileron (License: Creative Commons)
GOGOIA (License: Creative Commons)
Nord-SudA (License: OFL/Open Font License)


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Lumiette 0.027a - Windows.zip 94 MB
Lumiette 0.027a - macOS.zip 99 MB
Lumiette 0.027a - Linux.zip 101 MB
Lumiette 0.026a - Windows (Use only if latest version has issues) 94 MB
Lumiette 0.026a - macOS (Use only if latest version has issues) 99 MB
Lumiette 0.026a - Linux (Use only if latest version has issues) 100 MB

Development log


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I enjoyed this game! Too bad I couldn't get past the first level. I really like the music and menu design.       




Made a video


Wow. Seriously the foundation of this game is phenomenal and I cannot wait for more. This is the first bullet hell esque game that I have anticipated in a long time. I seriously cannot wait for more content.


Can't wait for the rest of it, man. Good job.

I love your game! it's beautiful and super fun! keep up the great work!